The Power of the K9

I had a number of subjects for today’s blog but as its said, some missions don’t go as planned. Adapt, over-come, move forward!

If you’ve heard one of my Warrior-Leader Briefs you know that I often ask “is it OK to have a bad day?” This can cause somewhat of a stir with some groups and I’m not here to debate this question today (another blog for a later date!).

My bottom line, it’s OK to have a bad day; except for a lack or preparation and/or focus. The enemy, opponent, or competitor all have a “vote” in what happens to you so bad days will happen, it’s life (if your planning & focus is on you will limit those days!).

After after a long and *demanding day I took some time to walk to the park with our dog and play fetch. Our dog is a 18 month old female Belgian Malinois who stands in a slender 50lb frame. Regardless of what’s going on, she is ready to play, greet me, and comfort me despite any trials and tribulations of the outside world.

While we were playing I eventually took a seat on the park bench and was continuing to bang out a few texts and emails and continuing to stress my day out when I looked up and there was our dog, starring at me patiently, tennis ball in her mouth, just waiting. The power of the canine goes beyond being man’s best friend, they give unconditional love and affection and really ask for little in return. Some food, water, walks and play catch and I’ll be there for you always! Good days, bad days, any days!

The dog doesn’t need to speak our language; their message gets across!! They let you know “hey, I’m here for you.” They get the most pleasure out of the simplest of things, like fetching a ball until “WE” get tired. With a little professional training (thanks Ann Austin), you can take your canine almost anywhere and they listen better then most teenagers!

My day finished up in the back yard grilling food for dinner, and playing frisbee with the Belgian!

The day started out a little rocky, but ended with a ruff!!!!

Have a great weekend!! Hooah!! JBS

Performance Coach & Lead Consultant
Elite Leadership Training LLC

*Demanding day is a figure of speech; though this was a mentally exhausting day for sure I had hot chow, saw my family & had the ability to crap on porcelain. There are men and women standing a post, walking a patrol, and defending our freedoms tonight with their lives on the line. They don’t need medals and don’t want a fuss to be made over them; they are doing their job as a service to our great Nation & our way of life! HOOAH! RLTW!


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