Supporting your goals & dreams

Many people say to get ahead in life you must take the road less traveled and to do it yourself. There is some truth in that, especially the “self-motivated” part of it.

One of our main training objectives is Performance Coaching. I can’t help someone become a professional athlete or business leader unless they want it down to their core. If they want it and put in the effort & sacrifice we can assist them in reaching this goal!

The fact of “doing it alone” has gone the way with the dinosaur, and is very difficult to do without, as a minimum, the support of someone.

I attended a military promotion ceremony years ago for a Colonel being promoted to Brigadier General. He was a very intelligent, motivated, hard-core man with both technical and tactical experience. He spoke well, knew everyone’s name, led by example, and was the type of leader all Soldier’s could look up to. He said fittingly in his promotion ceremony that “next to every successful leader is even a more successful cast.”

This tells the story, having someone to support you in your hopes, dreams, goals and desires.

I have a goal for both our company and myself, but frankly could not have taken on this challenge without the support (and initiative) of our company president (also my wife), who realized I have so much to offer those outside of the military. I’ve always been a great motivator and passionate about what I’m doing and the men and women to my left and right. But taking this to an unfamiliar audience is always challenging.

I have found that inspiring and motivating is a common thread, especially to those wanting to be the best! The traits of being a Warrior, Winner, Leaders & Survivor run deep into the hearts and souls of those that want to be successful. The common theme however is, YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE!

Find those that believe in who you are and what you want to accomplish (as long as they are all positive goals; the assumption here). Tell all they “nay sayers” to GET LOST! Your goals need the positive reinforcement of someone. It doesn’t need to be an entire staff of folks, but just a few that believe in your goals & when your having an “off” day, someone to remind you why you are on this quest.

Thanks to those that support me and continue to give me the personal courage to take what I’ve learned, been taught, and have experienced and share it with others. Especially to my loving and caring wife, who each day tells me to keep moving forward and have fun while I’m doing it!

I’ll leave you with my favorite quote given to me by my great friend Coach Tom Renney. When anyone tells you something is impossible, read this quote back to them!

“Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion usually coming from those that have never measured themselves in the face of adversity!” ~TR

Have a great day! HOOAH!

Performance Coach & Lead Consultant
Elite Leadership Training LLC

Twitter: Leadership_Trng


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  1. #1 by Jackson's Mom on September 21, 2011 - 5:12 am

    This is great! Thank YOU for ALWAYS being positive and supportive! My life and my family’s life has been forever positivily changed because of you and your beautiful wife!

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