Always is a good time to lend a helping hand

My day started off as usual with a great cup of coffee with the “Six” (military call-sign for either the boss or wife, in this case it’s both!) and headed out to the pet groomers to get our Malinois her brush out.

On the way back I stopped at a very nice but busy Circle K for fuel. As I was fueling my truck I was banging out a few emails on my phone and checking my schedule for the day (no the phone does not make the gas pumps explode, watch Mythbusters!). While I was multi-tasking as most Americans do, especially in the AM on their way to work, I hear this loud banging over and over again.

I look up to realize a young man was having trouble with his car door and was slamming it repeatedly to try to close it. He then jumped out and was literally shaking the door to try to realign it and get it closed. He stood at least 6’4″ and 260lbs, had lots of tattoos and was driving a war-beaten faded Chrysler whose better days were behind it. The place was full of cars, people getting gas, coffee and their morning bagel. All this was going on and I watched in amazement as not one person flinched to lend a hand.

This was just a regular guy, granted he came across as potentially “scary,” and his car wasn’t new, but no one was offering to help this guy and EVERYONE heard the banging and continued to ignore him. I watched him struggle a few more seconds with the door, stopped my gas pump and walked over to him and asked “Do you need some help?.”

He said, “The door is off the hinge and I can’t get it closed.” I said, “Well, I’m not a mechanic but I’m a dam good problem solver, let’s check it out.” After a minute or two of assessing the situation I found what I thought was the problem, told the guy, he says “Oh yeah, that’s it!” and proceeds to fix his door. He gets in his car, I slam the door a few times with him inside to get it to secure, and he’s good to go.

I start heading back to my truck and he yells, “Hey sir, hey sir!” I walk back to his window and out comes this giant winged spanned arm and massive hand, he shakes my hand and says “Thank you sir, I appreciate the help.” I tell him in my best Sergeant Major voice “No worries young man, have a great American day”. He smiles and drives off.

I then begin the “stare down” to all the others that were immediately to the left and right of this young man. Hey don’t “choke on that bagel your sucking down” were some of my thoughts. Seriously, just because he wasn’t wearing a suit and driving an expensive car have the generosity as a human being to provide some type of assistance.

Now if you know me you know that there is all truth in that statement I’m definitely not a mechanic! But this young man didn’t need a mechanic, he needed somebody to put fresh eyes on the situation, help him diagnose the problem and get him on his way.

Always is a good time to lend a helping hand!

Look past whatever distractors you need to look past and if the opportunity arises, just lend a hand. Most times you don’t have to be a subject matter expert, just a person willing to roll up your sleeves if the situation arises, and dig in!

Have a great day! Hooah!

Performance Coach & Lead Consultant
Elite Leadership Training LLC

Twitter: Leadership_Trng


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