Don’t sweat the small stuff

With the way our fast past, always moving society is today we often make mountains out of mole hills. There’s a line at our local coffee shop, or there is no parking in the vicinity of the store we want to shop. All goes to hell in a hand basket, life is just too hard!!!

Seriously, don’t sweat the small stuff!

I’m an expert planner, especially when it comes to our leadership classes and team building exercises. As mission hit times approach, my attention to detail increases and also does my intensity level. I want everything to go as planned, on time, and to perfection. The bottom line, no mission ever goes perfectly as planned but as long as you can adapt, improvise and use your contingency plans you will will be in great shape.

I say this because I have to remind myself at times to not sweat the small stuff. Don’t confuse this with a lack of planning or preparation (no excuse for that), but an unwanted grey hair should not throw a grenade into your days events.

There are enough stressors in today’s life to fill your life glass full and then some. Don’t add to it by adding unwanted stress that frankly have nothing to do with life, limb or eyesight. I had a layover in Philadelphia airport a couple weeks ago and my flight to NY was cancelled. Passengers hit the roof! Yelling and screaming and though the airline agents were rather “unhelpful,” there’s no use in getting nuts. There are dozens of flights a day from Philly to NY, you’re going to get rebooked on another flight, and the worst that happens is you spend most of your day in the airport (which happened to me!).

I actually was starting to get a little irritated about hour 6 in the airport, until I sat back and thought of all our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines & Coast Guardsmen who are standing on a post somewhere, eating cold chow, thousands of miles away from their families. I immediately said to myself “suck it up Sergeant Major & stop whining.” I’ll see my family soon enough, there is plenty of hot chow, and though the airport latrines might lack the “G.I. clean” standards, there are plenty of porcelain toilets to choose from!

Just put life into perspective.

I stopped at our favorite coffee shop today and the line was eight people deep, I just smiled and said to myself, don’t sweat the small stuff!

Keep moving forward! Hooah! JB

Performance Coach & Lead Consultant
Elite Leadership Training LLC

Twitter: Leadership_Trng



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