Get mad, get over it & get on with it

No one likes making mistakes, well at least I’ve never met anyone that does. The bottom line is we cannot live in a zero-defect environment, we would all like to but it’s not practical nor reasonable.

You cannot as a leader in any business have a “zero-defect/zero mistake” policy. Granted, there are limits, and if laws are broken or standards not adhered to that put peoples lives in danger, the axe must fall.

This blog isn’t about your tolerance as a leader, it’s about understanding that we all make mistakes and not to let those mistakes (yours or others) derail you from the mission.

If you’re like me, mistakes can burn at your internal armor, sometimes it actually just pisses me off. A Special Forces (SF) Sergeant Major (SGM) and fellow friend of mine gave me this advice years ago and I’ve put it to use and it works. “Get mad, get over it, and get on with it!”

Simply, it’s ok to get mad over a mistake or issue, get pissed if you have to. However, get over it and get on with the task at hand.

There are some great leaders out there that can do this, some better than others of course. The best don’t let these issues or mistakes stew at them. This doesn’t mean they don’t take care and concern in these issues, rather they understand you have to review what happened but always keep moving forward. These types of leaders can give you the necessary “ass chewing” if it’s warranted, but five minutes later it’s back to the mission.

To this day I hate mistakes, it’s in our nature. I plan contingencies in detail to mitigate mistakes; the fact of the matter is, they still happen from time to time.

My solution: “Get mad, get over it and get on with it!”


Put this in your leader tool bag and give it a try!

Performance Coach & Lead Consultant
Elite Leadership Training LLC

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  1. #1 by Capt. Steve on September 29, 2011 - 5:18 pm

    Everyday day of my life!

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