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This is an oldie from last year but it’s so important to remember sometimes you just have to…SHUT IT OFF!  Enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend with your families and Shut it Off!

Take a break and shut it off! We are in the information technology age and surrounded by devices and sources to stay in touch, send and receive information, and have the ability to get things done faster.

We use them, we count on them; we can easily become addicted and dependent on them. This blog focuses around your mental health and the necessity of taking the time to SHUT IT OFF!

The gym we go to clearly states “no cell phone use in the workout area.” Though this is posted and even announced over their public address system, you still have plenty of people (including their staff) that make and take calls while out on the gym floor. This does not bother me, except for the fact I know those people aren’t focused on their workout; their mind is filled with other priorities. Questions to ponder: Do they do this when their home? Or at work? Or at their kids hockey game?

It’s called information overload and it can affect your daily life if not controlled. Too much of anything is never a good thing. Keeping it simple; know when to SHUT IT OFF.

I have about a 6-minute drive to our gym and I used to make a quick call to a client or friends on the drive there and checked a few emails in the parking lot before going in. What I found was my mind was not focused as it should be when it was time to get to the work out. I have fixed that issue and either leave my phone at home or shut it off before I leave for the gym. I now use the short drive to relax my mind and when I get to the gym its “business” for the next 45 minutes; I get in, get fit and get out. My mind is refreshed and my body is as well!

I fully understand for most of us our phones are our connection to our business, profit margin and our lives. However, taking the time to “focus” on different objectives during the day make you more productive, healthier and you guessed it, happier all around!

In working with a particular professional sports team on one occasion I noticed when the players showed up for work they were on their phones, hit the computers in the player’s lounge and seem pre-occupied instead of focusing on their craft. So the next day I put all phones and computers off
limits until their practice day was done. If they had issues at home, their wives would know who to call. “Get here, get focused and get it done”, is what I told them. When they walk into the entrance it’s time for business whether it’s practice, video, workouts or treatments. This doesn’t mean you
can’t enjoy yourself throughout the day; on the contrary, you should enjoy your work. However, when working on your “craft” then focus on your craft.

When you’re at the gym, focus on the gym. When you’re with your family, focus on your family and finally when it’s time to be on the phone fielding calls, focus on your calls. You will be pleasantly surprised on how efficient and effective you are by taking time away from the phones,
computers, think pads and any other sources of communication and information.

You should do this with your children as well. How many of you receive texts from your kids while you are both inside your house? Kids too need to shut it off and spend some face to face time communicating with parents and siblings.

Finally, about an hour before you go to sleep your social media button needs to go off. Make your list of “things to do” before you start to wind down for bed. Take the hour before bed to read a book, watch some TV or play a game that takes minimal concentration. My wife and I like to call this “sleep hygiene” as someone once put it. It made sense and it stuck. Sleep hygiene will prepare your mind and body in getting required rest so you’re ready for the rigors of tomorrow! HOOAH!

Enjoy the day and have a great 2012! Keep moving forward!

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  1. #1 by Sean on December 31, 2011 - 4:17 am

    Love it!! I agree, but must admit I am guilty of this almost everyday. Sure it may be quick response to a text but you mind is focused on the topic long after. Your employees, friends, and families can all notice when they don’t have your undivided attention and they feel the disrespect. Thank you for the great reminder.

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