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Failed Leadership

In the wake of the NHL cancelling more games, there seems to be zero negotiating between the League & NHLPA. There is only one thing that comes to my former Sergeant Major mind, and that’s simply “failed leadership”.

Now I’ve read over a hundred articles on this subject both for and against each side and bottom line, it’s dismal. You can make a case for either group and both have done that through their verbiage in the media and campaign ads to attempt to bring some validity to their cause.

Here’s the bottom line, this is destroying the game! Though each side can make a strong case, neither is keeping with the spirit of the game, which should be getting out there and showcasing it. The owners hold most of the cards as they take the most risk and want a bigger portion of the pie; the players want the contracts they’ve already signed honored, we understand this. We can debate for days, weeks, months and this is exactly what each side is doing. It’s now the end of October and we have yet to play a NHL game while the KHL plays on ESPN, how silly.

Lawyers vs. Leadership: let me be clear that this is NOT an attack on lawyers. I know several attorneys who are close friends and we’ve used lawyers both in our personal and professional lives as they are a necessity. Attorneys are there for one thing, the best interests of their clients. So now we have four attorneys (Bettman/Daly vs. Fehr/Fehr) in the spotlight slugging it out against each other & making the case for their clients (I’m sure there are several more behind the scenes.) We can say “this is great” because this is what we want to see out of our representation. However, it comes time when you need more than attorneys and smart people, you simply need LEADERSHIP!

History has shown that sound and timely leadership trumps everything else when it comes to decision making. Having an extensive military background and now as a professional performance and leadership coach, I fully understand the necessity of leadership. I’ve seen it first hand in combat, and lived it for the past 30 years of my entire career. Neither side is willing to give ground even in the wake of corporate sponsors pulling out and monies that will never be recouped. Though Gary Bettman continues to state “we have the best fans in the world,” we are continued to be marginalized because of this lockout. If and when the game does come back, please don’t embarrass us any more with the “Thank you fans” painted on the ice.

If you want to be the leader of the organization you must simply get a deal done. The commissioner holds the key and though works for the owners, he has the necessary authority to say “enough is enough, we’re playing hockey!”


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