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Random Acts of Kindness

It was early Spring, 1985 and I was a Private in the U.S. Army assigned to the elite 3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment in Fort Lewis, Washington. We had a great platoon loaded with talented individuals and even a few that had cut their teeth on the recent Combat Parachute Assault into Grenada (Oct 1983) to rescue American College Students. This mission was known as Operation: “Urgent Fury.” Now today combat operations are plenty, however in the early 1980’s, there wasn’t a lot of combat action post-Vietnam Era. If you participated in Grenada with the Rangers, you were commonly known as a “Grenader Invader” and were viewed as “gods,” especially by Ranger Privates (AKA “tab-less bitches”).

The life as a Ranger is a difficult one, both physically and mentally. Every day is a test; everyday is a new challenge, everyday you have to show why you are one of our military’s finest fighting units. To be a Ranger you have to be as a minimum a three time volunteer. You have to volunteer for
the Army; volunteer for Airborne School; and finally volunteer for the Rangers which has a requirement process of passing RIP, or Ranger Indoctrination Program (this name has since changed to RASP or Ranger Assessment Selection Process. I still love the name RIP!). Just qualifying for the Rangers is only part of the process; once you complete RIP you have to earn your position in a Ranger platoon everyday and when trained enough, you will have the chance to attend Ranger School in hopes of earning the coveted Ranger Tab (which then removes you from the “tab-less bitch” listing!). Ranger School in itself is a daunting task and covers over 8 weeks of patrolling, raids, ambushes, reconnaissance, field craft, survival, graded patrols as well as food and sleep deprivation. It’s still to this day one of the most difficult leadership schools the military has to offer.

The life of a Ranger Private is a tough one. You want to prove everyday that with guidance and the proper training you can be a combat Read the rest of this entry »

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